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demons etc.
03-29-2011, 06:25 AM (This post was last modified: 03-29-2011 01:41 PM by Director Michael.)
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demons etc.
Our Father has been showing me errors in my past beliefs, both directly as well as through others.

I am leaning toward noahide teachings, but quite honestly I am hesitant to get involved with an organization; my goal is be in unity with the Most High, not necessarily other people.

Having said that, I definitely miss communing with others, even if its limited to meeting over the internet.

Anyway, all of that is just to give you a little info about my background, so you get an idea of what I've been taught over the years & 'where I'm coming from'.

I've been looking to various other sources of info that seem to be 'on track' but I have yet to run across decent teachings re:

bottomless pit
the serpent in the garden

I find it very tough to talk to friends about the new things that I'm being shown; the conversations almost always lead to questions about these things & I have no real answer for them.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these things please.
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03-29-2011, 02:36 PM (This post was last modified: 03-29-2011 03:57 PM by Director Michael.)
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RE: demons etc.
Thank you for your message. Please see the the following web pages for some introductory Torah-based information about these subjects:

1) "demons"
Within Torah, the topic is "shaidim" (pl.) in Hebrew:

There is a class of beings called "shaidim" which are less spiritual than the angels, but not entirely physical. Generally they have no bearing on the lives of humans, and the whole concept should be ignored. Their existence is on the same level as the level of the human soul that experiences dreams. If a person is on a low spiritual level during the day, and thinks about low-level things, shaidim can sometimes enter into the person's dreams in a sort of "masquerade," or they can mix up the visual images in a person's dream, to confuse him with crazy or scary things and make fun of him.

About this King David wrote in Psalm 24:
Verse 24:3 "Who may ascend the mountain of the L-rd, and who may stand in His holy place?"

I.e., while sleeping at night, whose soul will be allowed to ascend higher than the not-holy realm of the shaidim, and go up to the holy realm of the angels, to be shown sights of holiness and experience the holiness of higher spiritual realms? Answer:

Verse 24:4-6 "He who [during the day] has "clean hands" [clean from sin] and a pure heart, who has not used My Name in vain or sworn falsely. He shall receive [at night] a blessing from the L-rd, and kindness from G-d, his deliverer. Such is the generation of those who search for Him [during the day], ..."

2) "hell"
Within Torah, the topic is "Gehinnom" in Hebrew. This is the spiritual Purgatory, where souls may be temporarily cleansed of unrepented sins after passing through a physical life. Please see our Forum thread on this topic, at

3) "bottomless pit"
I'm not sure what you might be referring to, other than a teen-age boy's appetite :-)
Within the Hebrew Bible, the word "She'ol," literally translated as "The Pit," is one of the alternative names for Gehinom. Or it can mean the grave.

4) the serpent in the garden [of Eden]
This is much better understood from the explanations by Rashi on that chapter of Genesis.
For a deeper understanding, we recommend this Torah-lecture on tape:
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