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single men and women
If an individual never marries, what is their relationship with the hereafter. How does this affect jew or gentile, male or female. We are assuming the individual is not homosexual.
Jewish masculine and feminine souls need to be reincarnated at least as many times as necessary for them to marry their soul-mate (in at least one of their incarnations).

No reliable sources have been found which say this is a requirement for the souls of Gentiles, and in practical terms, neither Gentile men or women are commanded that they must become married (which by definition is only heterosexual marriage, either with a ceremony or secular certification, or attached by living with a domestic partner). But it is highly recommended and commendable and the will of G-d for Gentiles to become married, and within the context of marriage and child-rearing, they can accrue many spiritual merits for which they will be rewarded by G-d.

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