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Written Divine Names
Shalom Donny,

After researching the halachos of what we call shaimos (written "names" of G-d) which need to be put in genizah (safely "hidden away"), these laws technically apply only to documents, pages, etc. which  have (a) one or more of the seven Holy Names in Hebrew, or (b) parts of verses of the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) etc. Thus if it just contains the word "G-d" or the like written out in English or another secular language, this is not technically shaimos. However, some Rabbinical authorities hold that in order to show full respect to the One Above, even His written-out names in the secular languages are fitting to be treated with this level of respect.

Burial of shaimos papers and books should be used instead of burning. There is no prayer which needs to be said. The proper respectful manner to dispose of these papers is to box them up and bury them in a Jewish cemetery. Most Orthodox synagogues and Orthodox Jewish homes have boxes in which shaimos papers and books are collected and then taken to a Jewish cemetery to be buried. By all means you can ask an Orthodox Jewish layperson or Rabbi to help you with this.

Recently a shaimos burial service started for people who are not near a synagogue:

Guidelines for what belongs in shaimos and what doesn’t are printed right on the box. When this shaimos box is full, just visit the post office and send it off: A return address is printed right on the box.  The box arrives at the shaimos burial site where it will be properly handled and buried under Orthodox supervision.
Rabbi Yitz

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