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Righteous Gentile & Pious (Hassid) Noahide
As taught by Maimonides in his Codes (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings, ch. 8):

This is a non-Jew who accepts upon himself to fulfill [i.e. not to violate the prohibitions of] the Seven Noahide Commandments, and is precise in their observance [at least according to the minimum requirements of their Torah Laws; see ch. 9-10 there]; this applies if he accepts them and fulfills them because the Holy One, blessed be He, commanded them in the [Written and Oral] Torah of Moses and informed the Jewish people through Moses, our teacher, that Noah's descendants had been commanded to fulfill them previously [through Noah].

Of course, there is a thin line for crossing over from minimum observance to transgression, and acts of wanton immorality are punishable even if they are not designated as capital sins. Also, a person who is genuinely pious will want to serve G-d, and merit additional reward, by observing more than the minimum requirements, and by doing acts of goodness and kindness.

For more details, see "The Divine Code," by Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem:

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