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Righteous Gentile & Pious (Hassid) Noahide
Question: Observant and faithful Noahides are called in Hebrew, "Chassidei Umot Ha'Olam." What does this mean?

Answer: Maimonides teaches in Mishneh Torah (Laws of Kings 8:11) that if a Gentile accepts to fulfill, and precisely observes, the 7 Noahide Commandments, and does so because G-d commanded those Divine Laws in the Torah and informed the Jewish People through Moses that the Gentiles had previously been commanded to fulfill them - then he merits to have a share in the World to Come. Maimonides describes this person as: "harei zeh mei'chassidei umot ha'olam." If you will ask someone who knows Hebrew to verify that this precisely means, "then this person is from among the pious persons of the nations of the world," he will say, "Yes."
Sh-lom dear Rabbis and all goodness lovers!

I am officially declared Noahide by the Jerusalem Beit Din. Now I wonder if known people like Schindler, Karsky, Wallenberg etc. were kosher hasidei umot haolam. Is Yad Vashem and all its statements kosher?
I doubt there were beitei dinim for everyone on the Had Vashem list so to say.
Please clarify.
PS: extremely PRed word 'holokost' is a part of respectful Greek history, 1821.
Toda. Sh-lom.
B"H. When the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, called "Yad V'Shem," speaks about "Hasidei Umot Ha'Olom" (Pious Gentiles), it is using a different definition than what the phrase traditionally means within the Oral Torah law.

Yad V'Shem is talking only about Gentiles (regardless of their religious beliefs and observances) who exhibited great compassion and self-sacrifice to save Jews from being sent to the concentration camps during World War II. Here are some audio lessons on this topic.

Although it's questionable if any of those heroic Gentiles were in the Torah-law category of "Hasidei Umot Ha'Olom" (which means faithful observers of the Noahide Commandments as taught in the Torah of Moses), nevertheless, the spiritual reward for Gentiles who do such exceptional good for Jews is very great.

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