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Righteous Gentile & Pious (Hassid) Noahide
B"H. When the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, called "Yad V'Shem," speaks about "Hasidei Umot Ha'Olom" (Pious Gentiles), it is using a different definition than what the phrase traditionally means within the Oral Torah law.

Yad V'Shem is talking only about Gentiles (regardless of their religious beliefs and observances) who exhibited great compassion and self-sacrifice to save Jews from being sent to the concentration camps during World War II. Here are some audio lessons on this topic.

Although it's questionable if any of those heroic Gentiles were in the Torah-law category of "Hasidei Umot Ha'Olom" (which means faithful observers of the Noahide Commandments as taught in the Torah of Moses), nevertheless, the spiritual reward for Gentiles who do such exceptional good for Jews is very great.

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