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Noahides going to Shul (Synagogue)
Mattityahu ben Noach Wrote:If a Noahide is listening to a *recorded* lesson on Torah, Talmud or Tanya or other works, and the speaker recites a prayer prior to beginning the lesson, should a Noahide reply with "Amein" when the Jews in the class do?

As the traditional response when hearing a blessing said to the One True G-d, "Amein" should be said only immediately after hearing the blessing said "live" - either hearing the speaker's voice in person, or through a microphone and amplifier, or as it is transmitted "instantaneously" (in our perception) through a telephone call, or an audio hook-up, etc. In all of those "remotely-transmitted" cases, it is the power of the speaker's own instantaneous voice that is driving the microphone that is converting the voice to electrical signals that are being transmitted to drive an audio amplifier, to make a copy of the sound in another place.

However, if the speaker's blessing is pre-recorded and played at a later time, "Amein" should not be said, and if it said, it is considered to be an "Amein" that said "in vain."

Mattityahu ben Noach Wrote:If the Noahide does NOT understand what the blessing SAYS (the exact words), should he or she reply with "Amein" in that case? (Assume the Noahide understands it is (probably) the standard prayer a Jew recites before studying Torah).

If the Noahide at least recognizes G-d's Name that is being said "live" [at that time, not prerecorded and played back later], and that it is a properly intentioned blessing to the One True G-d (even if he doesn't understand all of the exact words), then he should still say "Amein."

Mattityahu ben Noach Wrote:If a Jew is reciting the blessing for wine, but the Noahide has no wine and is not going to sip any when the prayer is finished (or any other such instance when the Noahide is not going to enjoy the same blessing the prayer is concerning), should the Noahide reply with "Amein"?

Yes. Because the "Amein" response is the listener's acknowledgement that the speaker's words are true - that indeed, blessed is the One True G-d.

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