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Noahides going to Shul (Synagogue)
Randy Wrote:... It's difficult for me to be a Noahide because I have no place to 'lay my hat' (so to speak). No place to worship and no place to fellowship. This also means that my children (should I have them) will also have no such place.

On the other hand, you DO have the wonderful blessing of knowing that you are following G-d's Truth and
G-d's Will. You can worship G-d in any neighborhood, and you know that He Himself is everywhere. You can make your own home a place of Noahide fellowship for your family. And certainly you can be friendly with people who haven't yet started following the Noahide path, as long as they are not acting as a bad influence on you or your family members.

In the long term, you can look forward to more people in your area becoming Noahides (there might already be others who you just haven't yet met, or recognized as such), or you could think about moving to a place where there is already a faithful Noahide community.

Randy Wrote:I feel like: Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 56:3 - Now let not the foreigner who joined the L-rd, say, "The L-rd will surely separate me from His people," ..... (continued)

Just for accuracy, please note that this verse is talking about converts to Judaism. It is not talking about Gentiles (including Noahides).

Randy Wrote:It's very lonely here and while there is a need to be seperate I think some (if not most) have forgotten about the foreigner. Part of me is hesitant to say this yet the other part feels like most people probably feel the same way.
Is there a question here? Yes, why are things this way?

The world is still enduring a state of spiritual exile, from the time of the destruction of the Second Holy Temple, and the First Holy Temple, and the expulsion of Adam and Hava (Eve) from the Garden of Eden. But all of those exiles are only temporary, until the time when Moshiach comes, which will happen very soon. And you can see the obvious signs of that all around. Especially in the growing Noahide movement, and the fact that the Noahide Commandments have at long last been authoritatively codified (in the book "Sefer Sheva Mitzvot HaShem," published a few months ago by Ask Noah International, and soon to appear in translation).

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