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Divash Wrote:B"H
I am a Bat Noach and I have a Jewish roommate. She has affixed mezuzot to the front and back doors, the kitchen and dining room doors, and her bedroom door. She also put one on the second bedroom door, which is now my room. Should I ask her to take it down because the commandment to affix mezuzah doesn't apply to me, or should I leave it since she put it up there and keeps some of her belongings in my rather large closet (and therefore has part-'ownership' of the second bedroom)?

Sh'lom Divash, and welcome to the Forum. Since you are sharing the house or apartment with your Jewish roommate, and she put up the mezuzah in question, you should leave it up. Also, it would be a good idea for you to remind your roomate about the importance of having her mezuzah scrolls checked by an Orthodox Rabbi, if that was never done since the time they were purchased, or if it has been more than a few years since they were last checked.

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