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PlasticMan Wrote:Wow! Thanks for all that, it's much appreciated. That clears up a lot of issues. Smile

Can you clarify the last sentence in parentheses "(But it should not be done with an intention that he is doing it as a performance of a religious precept.)"? Do you mean, one should not do so with the intent of fulfilling a commandment, or with any religious impetus at all?

One of the most important things that Noachides must always bear in mind is that they are commanded in seven specific mitzvot and of course all the mitzvot that are offshoots of these seven. This means in a practical sense that a Ben/Bat Noach may not add on to these, no matter what . Doing a good practice as such and not intending for it to be a mitzvah is at times acceptable. If one hangs a piece of paper with the Shma as a way to remember that Hashem is present in this house is acceptable as long as it is not being done for the purpose of fulfilling the Biblical Commandment to affix these words to the doorposts of your home. Once the intent becomes such then the Ben/Bat is transgressing the Noahide Code by adding commandments. A Noahide may not create a religion by adding any mitzvah that was not commanded to them.
Rabbi Yitz

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