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Welcome to the Ask Noah moderated forum and the United Noahide Academies® project for Noahide education. In this forum you can present your questions about practical modern-day observance of the Noahide commandments to the experts on our staff: Dr. Michael Schulman, Director of Ask Noah International; Rabbi Yitzchok Dubovick in Israel; Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet in Toronto, Canada; Rebbitzin/Mrs. Shprintza Goldberg in Toronto, Canada. We provide Torah-based responsa and guidance; when more in-depth deliberation is needed, Ask Noah's Director will request a formal ruling from Rabbi Moshe Weiner in Israel, who is the author of the acclaimed codification of the Noahide commandments, titled "Sheva Mitzvot HaShem," and the English translation, "The Divine Code."

To submit questions to the Director off of the forum, please use the forum Private Message function.

NOTE: This forum is Fully Moderated. That means ALL posts must be approved before they become public. This is necessary to prevent the posting of spam, off-topic posts, and posts that are not in line with Rabbinical authority.

1. Unfortunately, much of the presently available printed and on-line resources that claim to address the Noahide commandments are inconsistent with authentic Torah Law, or are aimed at undermining the authentic Torah tradition. The Ask Noah forum has been established to provide answers from Orthodox Rabbis to questions about modern-day observance of the Noahide commandments, and about the outlook and lifestyle of Torah-faithful Gentiles.

2. Remember that it difficult for the Rabbis who are volunteering their valuable time to answer a high volume of questions. Accordingly, please limit your questions to two per day so others may also have the opportunity to participate at this level. We encourage you to check and search the forum messages to find out if the answer to your question has already been posted (very likely!).

3. This is NOT one of the many on-line groups that operate for the purpose of debating or criticizing. The Ask Noah forum is designed to educate, help and encourage, in areas of practical concern to Torah-faithful Gentiles and those who have begun to turn toward this righteous direction in their spiritual life.

4. It is not permitted to write out the ineffable Tetragrammaton (four-letter) name of G-d, or to write it with inserted vowels in an attempt to represent its vocalization.

5. Anyone who disregards the above guidelines will receive a private warning from a moderator and will be put on close moderation, or will be removed from the forum.

6. Posting missionary or anti-semitic messages will result in immediate removal from the forum. The same applies for obscene or pornographic messages.

7. Contacting a list member privately at their personal e-mail address with missionary or otherwise unwanted messages will result in immediate removal from the forum.


1. Please translate Hebrew or Yiddish words in your post, except the most common ones, since they will not be understood by everyone.

2. Please make sure the subject of your post is related to the thread to which you are replying. If you want to ask a new question on a new subject, please start a new thread.

3. When quoting source text, please cite the source (e.g. Book, chapter and verse when quoting from the Hebrew Bible, or title and author of a modern book). Please quote only the portion of the source text that is relevant to your question.