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Should a Noahide study Tanya?
There is no obligation to do so. Much of it is advanced material that applies only to Jews, and that may be misinterpreted or misapplied if one does not have the prerequisite background and perspective. But the second book of Tanya, "Sha'ar Ha'Yichud Ve'ha'Emunah" ("Gate of the Unity [of G-d] and the Faith") is appropriate for a faithful Noahide to read. If you decide to do so, it is recommended  (if possible) to learn it with an Orthodox Jew who understands it well, and who can explain it on your level (whether you are an advanced Noahide student, or a beginner, etc.)
The second book of Tanya (The Gate of Unity and Faith) is something all people need to know. Recommended, but not required.
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"The Gate of unity of G-d"
Should Noahides pray and do self assessment as the 10 gates of the "Duties of the Heart"

(10-20-2013, 08:22 AM)Stephen Wrote: [ -> ]Should Noahides pray and do self assessment


(10-20-2013, 08:22 AM)Stephen Wrote: [ -> ]as the 10 gates of the "Duties of the Heart"

That is an advanced Jewish text which deals with fundamentals of Torah-based faith that apply to both Jews and faithful observant Noahides. So for Jews and Noahides, it is an optional but useful and inspiring text. Some parts that deal with observance of Jewish commandments obviously apply only to Jews.
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The gate of self accounting talks about how a person should always be aware when praying and always be present and in awe of G-d.
Can a gentile achieve the same level of connection to G-d through prayer as Jews ?


The connection is different, since Jews are commanded by G-d to pray to Him. On the other hand, Gentiles are logically obligated to pray to G-d (at the very least, to ask Him to fulfill their needs).