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Full Version: G-d's Names on jewelry
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[/color]Is it ok to use the names "Hashem," and "Elohim" on jewelry? I want to get a bracelet that has the shema. I have seen them advertised so I am guessing that it is ok but want to make sure. Is it ok to have the four letter tetragramation on jewelry as well? Thank you, Brian.
If a holy name of G-d is spelled out correctly in Hebrew on a piece of jewelry that is going to be worn like any other jewelry, from day to day, that is not properly respectful of G-d's name. You can compare this to the fact that the Jewish High Priest wore the Tetragramaton Name engraved in a gold piece upon his forehead, but only while he was serving in the Holy Temple. In any case, you would need to remove the jewelry before entering into a place like a bathroom.