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Full Version: a man praying in the same room with a woman
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Sh'lom dear Director Michael and Academy Rabbis,

Should a Noahide man try to avoid praying to HaShem, blessed be He, (except Blessings before and after meals), while there is a woman in the same room?

Thank you for your work! Best regards
Teodor Todorov
It is permitted for Noahides to pray in mixed company (except in an Orthodox Jewish congregation, where adult men and women pray with a separation between them; even Orthodox Jewish men and women can pray in mixed company if there is not a minyan/quorum of 10 Jewish men).

If an individual Noahide man or woman is praying and he or she is having trouble concentrating for some reason, the person can
- strengthen in concentration
- move to another location where the distraction is not present
- continue praying at another time
- set a personal standard for the environment in which he/she will pray