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Freedom of religion - joshua - 07-07-2015

Is there allowed freedom of religion in a noahide nation if there were noahide courts set up?

RE: Freedom of religion - Director Michael - 07-12-2015

Given that there is a majority of Noahides in the nation, the people can still decide by majority decision which transgressions / crimes their courts will judge according to the Torah-based rules for Noahide courts, and which ones will be judged with the courts acting on a secular basis.
Therefore, within the purview of the secular laws they establish, if the society sees a practical benefit to allow full or partial freedom of religion (which in either case will logically include some legal limitations), that can be done, and individuals will still be personally responsible to G-d for any transgressions with false religions that the courts are instructed to not interfere with.

RE: Freedom of religion - alexdantas - 07-13-2015

A Noahide nation ??? For me it's unimaginable ... totally utopian ... in order to live the legitimate Monotheism, without idolatrous and depraved atmosphere that oppresses us. I do not see another way out of oppression in the world, the anti-Semitic nations, and hostile to G'd.
we can await the glorious coming of Moshiach, and is soon in our days. Amen.