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Unhealthy Lifestyle - TomBenNoah - 06-05-2017

Is eating unhealthy foods a transgression of the law of not murdering (oneself) or would such a viewpoint be seen as adding a commandment? Thanks

RE: Unhealthy Lifestyle - Director Michael - 06-07-2017

It is incumbent upon a person to guard his own health. This is a positive obligation that derives from the Noahide prohibition of murder and injury, which includes that a person is forbidden to injure himself - unless is for the purpose of healing, as in a medically necessary operation, or for needed cosmetic purposes.
So if a person is careful to eat foods that are healthy in general and for himself personally, based on the logical and reliable medical knowledge that's available, he is acting properly, and this is not adding a commandment.
In regard to how liable a person could be for knowingly injuring his health in the long term by unhealthy eating, this can be compared to the issue of smoking cigarettes. See our forum thread on this topic: