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G-d's Name in books - Mark - 07-15-2010

There are so many books that contain the word 'G-d', from dictionaries to novels. Obviously I would always treat all holy books with great reverence, but what about other books, like dictionaries? In a small flat such as mine, they get put all over the place. Any advice very welcome.

RE: G-d''s Name in books - Director Michael - 07-18-2010

If you know that a secular book or magazine, etc., contains a written-out name for G-d, even though it's not written in Hebrew, it's best to still show respect for His name by not taking that book or magazine, etc., into a restroom or throwing it away; if you want to dispose of it, it's best to remove and put away the pages or the parts of the pages on which a name for G-d is printed.

But if the printed item is made for the sake of believing, following or proseletizing idolatry, the above guidelines do not apply.

Books in a bathroom - iamica - 09-16-2015


I have a small bookshelf in my bathroom. I didn't realize it was considered disrespectful to have Bible verses, etc. in a bathroom. I have since removed those books from that bookshelf and put them in another room. My question is, are those books still OK to read, or do I need to dispose of them? Thanks.

RE: G-d's Name in books - Director Michael - 09-18-2015

Those books are still OK to read, and there is no need to dispose of them.