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Abraham and Sarah - James7 - 07-20-2007

I know that it is taught that the patriarchs kept the whole Torah, but the Torah says this about Abraham:

Quote:Gen. 20:12
And also, indeed, she is my sister, the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother, and she became my wife.

Yet the Torah forbids this:

Quote:Lev. 18:9
The nakedness of your sister, whether your father's daughter or your mother's daughter,whether born to one who may remain in the home or born to one who must be sent outside you shall not uncover their nakedness.

Does this mean Abraham broke Torah law by marring his sister?

RE: Abraham and Sarah - Director Michael - 07-20-2007

Abraham was acting in accordance with Torah Law for Jews when he married Sarah (orginally named Sarai). Sarai is the same person as Iscah, the daughter of Abraham's brother Haran. She was therefore the sister of Lot.

This is explained on our web page
(quoted here)

... A Gentile is also forbidden to have relations with his maternal sister, which is learned from Gen. 20:13: "Moreover, she is indeed my sister, my father's daughter, though not my mother's daughter; and she became my wife." (Note that Abraham said this to appease Abimelech. It was actually only figuratively true in his case, since Sarah was the daughter of Abraham's brother. So they had the same paternal grandfather, who people often referred to as "father".)  ...

The Torah allows a Jewish man to marry his brother's or his sister's daughter. Jews refrain from such marriages in nations where it is forbidden by secular law.