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Tattoo Markings - Ben_Noach_AZ - 07-25-2007

Are Noahides forbidden to put tattoo markings on their bodies?

RE: Tattoo Markings - rabbiyitz - 07-26-2007

The Rambam says that the only prohibition for Gentiles is a tattoo which is part of a religious cult - i.e one that signifies the person's intent to sanctify or submit him/herself to the service of a particular idol. This applies even if the tattoo itself is not part of the worship of the idol.

RE: Tattoo Markings - JohnyPicasso - 08-14-2009

Would it be wrong to get tattoos removed if he/she wanted to? Isn't that a form of deliberately hurting/desecrating the body? I am asking this because I have 2 tattoos that I would like to get removed (or at least thinking about getting removed).

RE: Tattoo Markings - Director Michael - 08-14-2009

It is permitted to have tattoos removed as a cosmetic procedure, if the person thinks this will make his/her appearance more pleasing to him/herself or to others.

RE: Tattoo Markings - Director Michael - 01-27-2010

Hi! You should call your doctor's office for a professional recommendation. (There are FDA-approved laser treatments for tatoo removal.)