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cloning - brandynpublic - 12-08-2011

What is the Noahide Stance concerning cloning? Can one eat meat (provided it is slautered etc. in accordance with what is set out in The Divine Code) from a cloned animal? Also, is cloning considered being crule to animals?

RE: cloning - Director Michael - 12-14-2011

Cloning of animals is not forbidden by Torah Law, and meat from cloned animals is permitted for Noahides. (Meat from cloned animals that are kosher species, with kosher slaughtering, is permitted for Jews.) Cloning of animals for human benefit is a justifiable use of an animal, even if there is some minor discomfort involved. If properly conducted, it does not involve any cruelty.

On the other hand, it seems that genetic engineering of new species of animals is in violation of the intention behind the prohibition against cross-mating of different animal species. But once a genetic-engineered animal has been produced, its meat is considered to be governed by the same rules as normal meat, as they apply for Jews and Gentiles.