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RE: can i wear a a men's cotton suit to a bar mitzvah?? - Director Michael - 11-29-2010

don Wrote:i am a little lost, i have been invited to a bar mitzvah and i have no idea what to wear, i am here out of respect to ask what is appropriate. i understand that a lot of the procedures are very traditional and that a lot of the family wear traditional dress, but i really the only vaguely formal wear i have is a good cotton suit, really just a very standard smart suit but i dont know if this is appropriate... can anyone offer me any advice? thank you

If you have any question about what to wear, then (for a man) your color-coordinated good cotton suit should be fine, to be on the safe side (as opposed to dressing more casually, and assuming that nobody would mind). At the bar mitzvah event, a man should wear a yarmulke (a "kipah" in Hebrew) on his head, to show proper respect for the Jewish communal service. Those who are not Jewish should decline any offers to (a) wear a tallis, the traditional Jewish prayer shawl, or (b) to be called up to make the blessing over a reading from a Torah scroll during the synagogue service.