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Noahide man wearing a kipa (yarmulke) or a beard
Shalom Rabbis & Dr. Schulman:
Can a Noahide man wear a kipah? Or is it alright if a Noahide woman buys a kipah for her son? Thank you.
Yes, since it is a sign of humility and respect for men before G-d, it is certainly alright in your home, in the homes of Jews and other Noahides, and in synagogues, yeshivas, etc. In public, the Noahide should use best judgment about his optional use of a kipah or a cap. For instance, it would be a desecration of G-d's Name for a Noahide to openly wear a kipah into a non-kosher restaurant, or while eating non-kosher food in public, or while working outside his home or driving on the Jewish Sabbath or Festivals, etc., because people would mistake him for a transgressing Jew. In situations like that, he can wear a cap or a hat instead, if he wants to keep his head covered.
Shalom, and a half year ago
Jjunjimalaza said:
"I think Muslims wear a similar one, and in my case (since I am from the Philippines) wearing one would make people think that I am a Muslim".

That's why a Noahide should always wear a special kind of kipa. For example, an Indian turban in an Ashkenazic Jewish neighborhood or a typical French cap in a Pakistan Muslim neighborhood...

(1) I know that you have answered whether or not a Noahide can or should cover his head, but I was just wanting a little clarification. If I decide to cover my head for humility and fear of G-d, what would be your suggestion on whether one should cover it all day, or just during prayer? And if you decided to wear it all day, should you make feel bad if you uncovered it for whatever reason?

(2) Is wearing a beard a meritorious practice for Noahide men? I know we don't have to grow a beard, but is it more proper to do it, like a married woman wearing a head covering? (Page 544, "The Divine Code," Vol. 1)
(1) In regard to a head covering:
Let's first clarify that we are talking here about Noahide men.
Since you've asked, my suggestion is that if you decide to cover your head for those reasons, you should start by doing so during prayer. Then if you feel that you can accept doing it on a more constant basis (without a vow), you can progress to doing so all day, and see how that goes.
Then it might make you feel embarrassed before G-d if you uncover your head, but there's not a need for you to feel badly about it since it's not required of Noahides and you didn't make a vow.
(2) In regard to growing a beard:

There is no prohibition against a Gentile man either fully shaving his beard, or growing it fully or partially, with or without trimming it or shaping it. It is left up to the preference of the individual Gentile.

Wearing a beard doesn't have the same level of merit for a Gentile man as there is for a married Gentile woman covering her hair, since her hair covering serves a practical purpose as an obvious sign for other men to know she's married (which helps guard against transgression). It's also an observance of an ancient righteous tradition for thousands of years which is mentioned in Torah sources, as a pious observance of modesty for a woman when she becomes married.

There are some positive concepts in wearing a beard that apply for Gentile men:
- it looks "more religious," so it can have a positive influence on others and on the man himself, to enhance pious behavior and attitudes in general
- the man is accepting, and not destroying, the form in which G-d creates men, and this serves to highlight the physical distinctions between the male and female genders
- it is part of the physical representation of the spiritual "Divine image" in which G-d created Adam.
joshua Wrote:I have a good understanding now about a Noahide man covering his head for G-d, but my question is: If a Noahide who does this goes into a courtroom, or some other place where he's supposed to uncover his head, can he say that he can't for "religious reasons," even though he cannot add a command to the Noahide Code? What I mean is, if a Noahide wants to keep his head covered in a courtroom for religious reasons, is that adding a commandment or precept?

In such a situation, the Noahide man can say that he keeps his head covered as a matter of religions conviction, so he requests exemption from having to leave his head uncovered. Probably that will be enough to get the permission that's requested.

But if the authorities refuse, the Noahide should uncover his head if he's required to be there, since he's not obligated to keep his head covered.

Certainly the Noahide can uncover his head briefly if the authorities just want to make an inspection to verify that there are no forbidden objects or substances being concealed.

In general, if a Noahide man wants to keep his head covered as an expression of his fear of G-d and submission to G-d Who is the Supreme King over him at all times, he should make a statement that he is doing that without a vow, so it won't be a problem later on if he changes his mind or if he feels that he is being required to remove his head covering.

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