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Capital Sins in Pre-Roman Times
The answer to your question is no. Here are some important points to remember:

1) Only a fraction of the Torah's commanded prohibitions are designated as capital sins. G-d assigned a specific mode of execution for each capital sin, if the sinner is tried and convicted by a Torah-empowered court ("beis din," literally meaning "house of judgment").
2) For Jews, one of four possible modes of execution is designated within Torah law. One of these was "stoning." and it only applied for Jews, not for Gentiles.
3) For Jews, Torah-sanctioned trial and execution can only be carried out by the "Great" (i.e. Supreme) Sanhedrin of 71 Jewish Sages, holding court in Jerusalem, in their designated location on the Temple Mount, during an era when the Holy Temple is standing and functioning with the sacrificial services by the Jewish priests (kohanim), as described in the Torah. Those conditions have not existed for almost 2000 years.
4) The method of execution called "stoning" in the Torah actually involved drugging the convicted Jew (male or female) to insensitivity, after which the designated executioner pushed the person off of a high tower onto a stone pavement below, thereby killing the person instantly. In the very unlikely event that the person was not killed by the impact of the fall, the fatal blow would be delivered by dropping a single massive stone onto the person's chest.
5) The Temple will not be rebuilt, and the Great Sanhedrin will not be re-established, until Moshiach comes. But when Moshiach comes, may this be immediately please G-d, all Jews will do complete repentance and none will ever sin again. Therefore there will not be any stonings.

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