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Noahide Torah Study
You are really free to set up any schedule of your choosing if you are interested in daily study of the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Five Books of Moses are divided into portions to be read in the synagogue for each week of the year (in the Hebrew calendar), and each weekly portion is divided into seven sections. So that is just one convenient schedule that can be followed.

You could create your own schedule for completing the entire Tanakh (the 24 Books of the Hebrew Bible) every 3 years, every year, etc., or even every month.

An important principle is not to take on more than you are going to be able to reasonably accomplish, along with your other responsibilities for family, work, community, exercise, etc. If you take on too much and then get discouraged and give up because you can't accomplish your original goal, that is definitely counterproductive. Start with a schedule you know you can accomplish without a lot of difficulty and stress, and then if you want to do more you can work up from there.

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