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Noahide Torah Study

Dear Academy Rabbis;
Discernment is the path to uprightness, and my questions continue.

1) You have recommended Chumashim with selected commentaries. Thank you. Is it understood that one may also learn selected commentaries on the other books of Tanakh? (Such as the Artscroll Tanach series.)

2) One may only learn p'shat level commentary. Does this refer only to the actual texts of classic commentary?
There are many fine lectures found on the internet teaching Tanakh, that blend simple, allegorical, mystical, philosophical, historical and so on teachings in a smooth, comprehensive understanding of the sacred scriptures. Are such lectures permissable?

3) What about teachings on self improvement, science, history, and other topics suggested for Noahides, that bring out deeper meanings of one or more verses? (For "The Divine Code" vol. 1 lists the specific verses Gentiles may delve into.)

Thank you for your many answers, and for your time.

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