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Marriage and Marital Issues
Visitor A. to the web site Wrote:Is it possible to divorce and remarry again? Would it be adultery?
Divorce and getting married again is possible, but the Torah-law rules are different for Gentiles and Jews.

Gentile couples can accomplish divorce by splitting up, and it is recommended to follow the civil laws of divorce where you are located. A Gentile couple can remarry each other after they have gotten divorced, even if one or both married and divorced a different spouse in the interim.

(Jewish couples should always seek the guidance and instruction of an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi in order to accomplish a valid Torah-law divorce, in order to be sure that they do not transgress the more complex issues of adultery which apply for Jews. If a Jewish couple is properly divorced, they can then marry other spouses, but some restrictions may apply. They can also remarry each other, but only if the woman did not marry and divorce another Jewish man in the interim. The couple must always consult with an Orthodox Rabbi about these issues.)

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