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Marriage and Marital Issues
Shalom to all!
I would like to ask some questions about behavior in general within a marriage.
If I marry a woman who already has two daughters, I will consider me a father to them.
What is the limit of my relationships with children?
I could put them on my lap?
I could embrace them?
I could kiss them?
I could walk with them hand in hand in public?
Is there an age limit for that we have to restrain ourselves for these displays of affection?
What would be the limit of my demonstrations of affection for them, always keeping in mind that I would be the stepfather and not the real father, who is dead?
I should avoid all forms, see them naked? As bathing, changing clothes etc?
To this end I would have age limit?
I learned in Judaism which is prohibited see the nakedness of the other.
To what extent this would apply in this situation?
Thanks to G-d for the existence of this forum.
Thank you very much.

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