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Approaching study of Written and Oral Torah
NB: I will use the term 'noahide' to mean 'noahide chassid' and not merely non-Jews/gentiles

There seems to be mixed opinion re: Jews teaching noahides Talmud or noahides studying Talmud.

Some claim there is a prohibition pertaining to ALL gentiles studying Talmud and against Jews teaching them Talmud.

Recent opinion however, is that the prohibition on gentiles studying Talmud was actually against 'idolators' and not righteous gentiles or noahides.

Secondly, the purpose of the prohibition was to prevent idol worshipers from using a knowledge of Jewish scripture to deceive Jews and lead them astray. There is no such risk from genuine, Torah-observant noahides.

Thirdly, The 7 Laws of Noah that noahides MUST study appear only in Talmud and NOT the (written) Torah.

Finally, converts or would-be converts to Judaism study ALL Torah (including Talmud) BEFORE they become Jews.

I look forward to some clarification as I am not a wood worshiper and I wish to study ALL Torah to become a better noahide chassid and to better combat pagan missionaries who would prey on Jewish souls.

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