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The need for a Rabbi and related questions
(05-25-2012, 08:55 PM)Michelle Wrote: Hello David! thankyou for providing us with this historical thread and all the valuable information it contains for others, wherever placed, to follow.

I felt like you once... that I was all alone... I too live in the UK and as our Director Michael here can vouch, I too have had many questions in my search for truth and understanding, my place in all of ?, what and where I should be... and more importantly do... and Praise G-d... somehow I receive my answers as and when I'm ready... through the Grace of G-d... I ask everything in prayer... that's how I beleive I was introduced to AskNoah... for I didn't start here... I didn't know what a Noahide was 5 years ago sitting here in the UK... I felt closed to conversations on what felt to me like Jewish only viewed (which is how I read them but maybe that was my error... 'i thought' or felt because I wasn't one I couldn't speak and wouldn't be listened to! - HOW WRONG I WAS... Father forgive me).

Often also I meditate and sometimes I think I'm NEVEr going to get 'it' but it comes... when I have been made ready... when I let go and let G-d give so that I may receive... day by day... one day at a time... I will never be a teacher or someone to follow and my path was individual and unique to me because of the life choices I choose to make these last 40+ years. HOWEVER even now I am amazed at how our paths unite and if you ever feel guided and/or want to ask a question I have seen and received the feedback I've needed to see and feel for my own understanding through many People in many places and through many webpages and/or books and those that answer or give me feedback from email and gaining lots of Friends with different views has helped me ... but it all started when I saw on a website a place where I was invited to ask... it was on Aish and I thank G-d that they and some choice People He placed around me where I could reach them touched me back... so that I too today, can feel able to answer a question not as an 'unqualified' person... but as who I know I was brought here to be; a Mother. and what was to me my souce/connection to G-dliness... my online Friend... Rabbie Zelig and His daily lift and subsequently His email and a book which taught me and gave me the confidence to find that I was never alone... because I had always someone to ask and someone to speak to and His Name... was G-d and prayer is my daily companion.

love all X

(01-10-2012, 01:46 AM)amenyahu Wrote: Greetings all and Shalom,

I am a UK Noahide, apparently on his own in the sense of "religious" worldview, doing my best to keep the seven laws of Noah as G-d commanded them to Moses. There seems to be no one around me pursuing keeping the Noahide laws. I'm a bit of an oddity in this respect, coming up to 9 years ago (wow, time flies)...

...Thanks for any help you can give. I know these are big questions and you have limited time. I guess you know that I have to ask!

Blessing to everyone.

Well said Michelle!
I was also in similar situations and after all these years; I am now clear why I am doing or believing. It is because I believe in G-d as explained by Torah and I believe that believing G-d is in itself a pretty intense experience; something which is highly personal, satisfying and supportive. I am a young adult, just started my first job. G-d is the greatest support. He loves you and believes in you and is just and open! I don't know anyone here who even knows Torah. But I meditate and believe! Just live life normally and try to incorporate Noahide principles in your life. I believe the key to happiness and getting the love of G-d is to start with the fundamentals. You would be amazed how you start changing by following seemingly simple principles and life would blossom. I am even thinking to be a Noahide preacher in future. Maybe a group of Noahide preachers , if allowed. So, the crux is that your life will become more beautiful and more successful slowly and steadily when you follow G-d's commandments!

kindest regards

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