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Jurisdiction and Structure of Noahide Courts
Hi again,

Does the commandment for Dinim ["Judgments"] include the prohibitions against adding commandments and the establishment of a new religion? If not, where do those prohibitions come from (are they part of the basic categories of the 7 Commandments)?

Is there any place for a jury in the commandment for Dinim, in the way that even capital crimes are judged by a jury of peers?

Is a witness necessary, mandatory to convict of a capital crime? Or is it possible to convict a person of a capital crime only using circumstantial evidence (fingerprints, DNA, witnesses that do NOT see the suspect committing the crime but see other things like the suspect going into the murder house at a certain time or falsifying an alibi, murder weapon, etc)?

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Jurisdiction and Structure of Noahide Courts - by amenyahu - 11-26-2012, 08:52 AM

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