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Circumcision and procreation for Noahides
(08-09-2013, 02:24 AM)Jochanan Wrote: I don't agree with this Term ARABIC MEN, because Christian Arabic do not circumcise their male children.
Just because they don't follow that practice doesn't mean that they don't have an obligation to do so. They should be educated to understand that the obligation is incumbent upon them based on their ethnicity.

(08-09-2013, 02:24 AM)Jochanan Wrote: And as I said, not all Arabs today have the same paternal line, also many other Oriental Muslim Men share the same Y-DNA as Jewish Man in Israel. So the Term...Oriental non-Jewish Men must be circumcised and their sons is better than only ARABIC.
The statement that was quoted from "The Divine Code" only says that Arabic males have an obligation to be circumcised. It doesn't exclude the possibility that there could be other ethnic groups that are also obligated. But it is important to understand that the criteria for this obligation is not based on genetic testing of individuals. It is based on the historical background of the majority of the population of the ethnic group.

(08-09-2013, 02:24 AM)Jochanan Wrote: Also Noahides are not all the same in the world.
I see it in Germany, these Noahides never have to do with Jewish Rabbis.
That also doesn't change the fact that the precepts a person is obligated to follow are based on Torah Law. We are not to rely on anyone else to provide explanations of any part of Torah, whether for Jews or Gentiles, aside from accepted Jewish Torah scholars, for they alone, as students of the earlier Torah Sages, are the authorities who explain the particular Oral Torah precepts that apply for any individual.

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