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Modern & classic books: Torah ethics, Mussar, history
Quote:Hello, I wanted to ask about Mussar Literature and if a Noahide can read and apply their teachings?

Yes, as it's stated in our book The Divine Code, 4th Edition, Part I, Chapter 5, by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.
Here is a link to our page for this book:

Quote:Recently, I've been reading the book Chofetz Chaim from Artscroll (about the precepts of the prohibition of lashon hara), and the Loving Kindness volume - also from Artscroll - that references his work Ahavat Chesed. Am I correct in assuming that as long as a Noahide reads these texts and applies them not as commandments, but as the logical extension of the Seven Laws of Noah to improve his character traits, these texts would be not only helpful to read, but praiseworthy?

Correct. The Torah laws of the prohibition of lashon hara ("evil speech" - evil gossip and tale-bearing) are an offshoot of the Noahide commandment that forbids murder and injury.

Quote:This assuming that reading these texts is secondary to studying the Noahide Laws properly and deeply learning their details.

That would be the ideal approach. The prohibition of lashon hara as it applies for Gentiles is covered in our book The Divine Code, Part 5, Chapter 8.

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