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Noahide prayer shawl?
In the Jewish context, it is not really accurate to call a tallit a "prayer shawl." It would be more accurate to call it a "mitzvah shawl," because its purpose is to provide a Jewish man with the opportunity to fulfill his commandment to wear tzitzit fringes on a 4-cornered garment that he puts on. Jewish boys wear a small version (a tallit katan) to educate them about this mitzvah they will become obligated in when they turn 13 years old. Traditionally Jewish women, since they are not obligated in this mitzvah nor in its purpose, do not wear a tallit (a four-cornered garment with tzitzit fringes).

Post #2 above is NOT talking about a tallit for Noahides, which in fact has been discouraged because it amounts to adding on a new spiritual commandment to the 7 Noahide Mitzvot that are commanded by G-d. Rather, the post is saying that there is no prohibition against a Noahide (man, woman or child) wearing a 4-cornered shawl that does not have any tzitzit fringes (so it is not a tallit). However, an idea to do so might be arrising from a misunderstanding of the real meaning of the Jewish tallit, as Rabbi Shochet explained in his post on our forum page:

Rabbi Schochet Wrote:Furthermore, tallis and tefilin, though somehow related in practice to Jewish prayer, actually are independent mitzvos and have nothing to do with prayer-services and do not add to them. They are distinct mitzvos on their own. Thus it should be emphasized that the only "enhancing tools" for prayer by Noahides are sincerity and submission to G-d.

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