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Ownerless Animals
In part 5 chapter 7 topic 5 (page 347) of The Divine Code second edition it states if an animal, even an owner-less animal, is starving it is desirable to provide food for it. It also states it's an act of cruelty for one to refrain from feeding animals, fowl, fish, et cetera that rely on one for their sustenance.

If one was feeding stray cats daily due to them relying on one for their sustenance, if after sometime one's landlord warned one not to feed the animals and stated they themselves (the landlord) could be fined by the health department, would it be perfectly fine for one to refrain from feeding the owner-less animals (in this case, the stray cats)?

Would it be perfectly fine to refrain from feeding the animals (and thus it wouldn't be considered cruel) if one was only warned by their landlord but no mention of the health department or anything of that sort was brought up?

Another question I have is, if owner-less animals (whether stray cats or dogs, et cetera) rely on one for their sustenance, would it be pious or unnecessary for a Gentile to go out of his way to feed them if he can barely afford to buy the animals food (due to other expenses the Gentile has)?

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