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Blessings before eating or drinking
Daniel2 Wrote:When saying blessings in English, is it OK to say Adon-y (ex. blessed are you Adon-y our G-d...) or is it better to say Hashem or L-rd?

It's permitted to say Adon-y, if (1) the person knows and intends that it means "L-rd," meaning the One True G-d; (2) if it's an appropriate blessing; and (3) if it's said in the proper conditions. For details, see the book "The Divine Code," Volume 1, Part 1, ch. 6.

Or see "Prayers, Blessings, Principles of Faith, and Divine Service for Noahides."

Daniel2 Wrote:Is the grace after meals in "The Divine Code" OK for any full meal even without bread, or just a meal in which the blessing over bread would be said?

The grace after meals for Noahides can also be recited if the person eats another type of food (not bread) made from grain flour, if the amount eaten of THAT FOOD is enough to be a filling (satiating) meal by itself, and it's not just what the person would considered to be a snack. (So it would be not less than about 4 ounces.)

Example: if the person became 3/4 fully satiated by eating pasta, combined with becoming 1/4 fully satiated by eating the meatballs served with the pasta, then the grace after meals would not be appropriate.

On the other hand, in a meal with bread, the other food is considered to be combined with the bread, since the other food is considered secondary to the bread, and the bread is considered the main part of the meal. If at least about 1 ounce of bread is eaten, then if the total amount food eaten at the meal is filling, it's appropriate to say the grace after meals for Noahides.

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