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Atheism is blasphemous, what to do?

(For our readers who might not know, "Hashem" is a title in Hebrew that is used to refer to G-d, and "halacha" means Torah Law.)

Dear Leopold,

It seems the answer is that you don't yet have a correct understanding of G-d, so your incorrect assumptions are feeding your disbelief.
Since you do have some appreciation for halacha (Torah Law), that could be a starting place from which you can build up a correct understanding. Please take the time to read and think about this explanation for Noahides which was provided to Ask Noah by Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet o.b.m.:

I think that this essay from a pious Noahide, with links to his audio series on the Torah's Oral Law, will give you a lot of additional insight, as well as interesting information:

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