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Pre Marital Sex
Of course it is hoped and encouraged that the young man will train himself to exert self-control and will-power, and not commit any sexual sin at all.

The act you mentioned is a sin and is prohibited. So the question is about a person who has decided that he is going to commit a sin, and he is deciding whether to commit a lesser sin or a greater sin (either greater in terms of being a more severe prohibition with liability to a more severe Divine punishment, or greater in terms of the harm that it will cause). So both options are prohibited, and both make the person liable to punishment by G-d.

The following answer is from Rabbi Moshe Weiner, as published in "The Divine Code," 2nd Edition, Part VI, Chapter 5, "Precepts Related to Spilling Semen, and Contraception," p. 534:

"it appears to the author that if one has an intense urge to cohabit with a prostitute, it is better that he spill his semen and not cohabit with her (even if she is unmarried), since both actions violate the command for Gentiles to 'make the world settled,' and cohabiting with a prostitute causes a greater destruction of the society at large than his own (self-damaging) act... (Also, there are those that say that one who cohabits with a prostitute, by default, also transgresses the prohibition of wasteful emission of semen – see Otzar Ha’Poskim vol. 9, p. 90b – since it is not done for the purpose of marital relations [as well as the fact that ... those men who use their services are drawn away from the positive obligation to father and raise children]. So the act of relations with a prostitute is the same as if the man spilled his semen on his own, and better that he transgress only one prohibition rather than two.)"

Likewise, if a man is tempted to commit rape, pedophilia, incest, adultery, or intercourse with another male or with an animal, we can again say that if he would instead transgress only the one prohibition of spilling his semen in vain on his own, that would not be as bad as committing two (or more) transgressions (especially for the categories of forbidden intercourse that are a capital sin and/or that would involve harm and mental/emotional damage to a victim).

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