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History of Noahides
The works by Josephus are referenced as

[Title] [Book#.Paragraph#]

The works of Josephus are available in English translation from Harvard University Press:

Another site has a partial translation of the works of Josephus, and some of these references can be found there. However, the site does not work well for navigation. Here is one that I found:

Flavius Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews (ed. William Whiston, A.M.)

14.110 (Book 14, Paragraph 110) [Capital letters added here for emphasis]

"There were four classes of men among those of Cyrene; that of citizens, that of husbandmen, the third of strangers, and the fourth of Jews. Now these Jews are already gotten into ALL CITIES; and it is hard to find a place in the habitable earth that hath not admitted this tribe of men, and is not possessed by them; and it hath come to pass that Egypt and Cyrene, as having the same governors, and a great number of other nations, IMITATE THEIR WAY OF LIVING, and maintain great bodies of these Jews in a peculiar manner, and grow up to greater prosperity with them, and make use of the SAME LAWS with that nation also...."

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