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Contraceptives and Righteous Gentiles
Hello Rabbi,

I am having difficulty finding information concerning the use of birth control by Noahides. These are my questions to you:

1. Are Noahides required to procreate? If so, how many children does it take to satisfy this requirement?

2. In a normal Noahide marriage, is it against Noahide Halacha to restrain reproduction by using contraceptives? Is it against Noahide Halacha to engage in sexual activity between man and wife that would not result in procreation?

3. On a personal level, my wife and I have two sons. Medically, my wife was told by her physician that it would threaten her life if she were to have any more children and it is also now unsafe for her to use any type of hormonal contraception options such as the birth control pill. What options do we have in this situation? She mentioned that I could get a vasectomy, but I am afraid it might somehow violate the statute against castration.

Thank you for your time,

For only with this may one glorify himself - contemplating and knowing Me, for I am Hashem Who does kindness, justice and righteousness in the land, for in these is My desire - the word of Hashem.
Yirmiyahu 9:23

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