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Contraceptives and Righteous Gentiles
Shalom Travis,
To begin, Noahides are not specifically commanded to procreate. Thus a Noahide couple who chooses to not have children has not transgressed. If you have children, you have done your part to populate the world.
Contraception for Noahides is permissible using a method that is not considered spilling seed. For a Noahide, spilling seed is defined as the ejaculation of the man by an act which the Torah does not consider to be intercourse with a woman (for example, coitus interuptus or ejaculation during oral sex). Therefore a couple that is old and can not have children or an infertile couple may engage in the act of intercourse. Intercourse with a condom is also permitted as is with spermicide, or a diaphragm.
For Noahides, a vasectomy though would be forbidden not because it is castration but rather because it is an operation that is not necessary for one's health. Thus it is an act of mutilating the body which is prohibited for a Noahide.
(Torah law is more strict for Jews in all of these matters.)
Rabbi Yitz

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