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Going in morally upright ways
Dear teacher,

I have been trying to follow the moral conducts as outlined in chapter 8 of Part I : The Fundamentals of the Faith of "THE DIVINE CODE". While certainly most of the points regarding the conduct were already being followed by me, I find it is becoming difficult to follow the first point: never to be angry. I am by heart very peaceful. I do think however that anger does serve useful purposes at times. I find it difficult to "not take revenge" or much more "don't hold grudge". Are not these points good for books and unpractical in real life? I am certain I am wrong in my understanding in some ways. So please explain to me the dichotomy in the points written and the real world which is so different. I am a Baniya from Bihar who loves to do/follow anything whole-heartedly, and I find it problematic to follow some of these conducts in my business dealings (for example, controlling my servants, dealing with cunning people, etc.). I would request you to throw some light on this fundamental question: anger or holding a grudge is always wrong.

Sorry if all these questions sounds too stretched, but I am just trying to please G-d with all my heart!

ps: "The Divine Code" is an amazing book indeed.


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