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Working on a house of idol worship
My occupation is that of an electrician. I work for an electrical contractor. Recently I was assigned the job of performing the electrical work for a renovation project for a local house of idol worship. This included the electrical work involved in the addition of an elevator to allow handicapped persons access to the structure.

If I did not do this job my boss would be unhappy with me which would affect my future income capabilities. Also just because I refuse to do the job does not mean it would not be done. Either some other company would do it or, more likely, my employer would have someone else do it.

My question, does my work fall under the category of helping others practice idol worship? The work is not located in the actual "sanctuary" and those times I might have to go in there I refrain from any semblance of bowing or paying respect to the lectern which is what they consider the "altar."

NOTE: I also do not demonstrate any disrespect for anyone I see there and while I refrain from any vain or vulgar talk and demand the same from my helpers I make it clear that it is not because of the location but rather one should act that way at all times.

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Working on a house of idol worship - by Bill - 01-14-2009, 01:31 PM

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