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Liturgy / Prayer Book (Siddur)
oceanoah Wrote:Shalom
I would like to learn about prayers common between Jews and Noahides...

Every single person is a unique individual, and as a Noahide you can express your own unique prayers to G-d in your own words. But for "prayers in common," you can turn to a reliable translation of the Book of Psalms, like the volumes published by Artscroll or Kehot for example. If you read through the entire Book of Psalms, you'll find the ones that express whatever need or emotion you want to express to G-d.

oceanoah Wrote:... the ones that would help a person uplift his/her spirit...

For example:
Psalms 86 or 130 (in the sense of dedicating yourself to G-d)
Psalms 100, 145 or 150 (in the sense of inspiring thankful joy)

oceanoah Wrote:... suppose a mother would like to have a better relationship with her kids, act more leniently toward her kids."

It's a beautiful custom, and it can have a good effect, to say "the Psalm" for each of your children every day, or as close to every day as possible. A person's Psalm is the chapter that's the age he will be on the next birthday. So if you have a four year-old child, his Psalm is Chapter 5. The same applies for yourself.

oceanoah Wrote:"... a prayer in general to help one confront his/her deficiencies in behavior as a Noahide.

The "Prayer for the Penitent" - Psalm 51.

These are just a few examples from all of the 150 Psalms. For more recommendations, see

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