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Homosexual "marriage" & relations
Ok, Dr. Michael, I give!
According to one of the lessons on the Noahide Code, it is specifically stating that the courts are responsible for teaching the 7 Noahide Laws to everyone. If the courts are not doing this is it my responsibility to write to them? What good is it to have the information and not act on it? Are we supposed to just grin and bear it until the King is annointed? I wrote a rebuttal to the recent decision on DOMA and I clearly take the court to task in my rebuttal. Especially about same sex relations. I understand that a time is coming when the entire world will know the word of God. What good is it if people do not act on these laws?
There are states that are permitting "marriage" between two people of the same sex. Are we actually supposed to support these laws?

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