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Homosexual "marriage" & relations
I know homosexual realtions is forbidden and that homosexual marriage would really be an oximoron, but I wanted to know, would it be wrong or immoral for a government in any state or country to change the legal definition of marriage to include marriage between same sex couples, thus allowing them to be married under civil law and to have the same rights and benefits as other married couples? This is becoming an increasingly controversial topic, especially where I live in California. The main argument of those who want homosexual "marriage" is that it is a civil rights issue and that by denying it to same sex couples, it is being discriminatory and even hateful, and they compare it to denying interracial marriage, in which a minority is being discriminated against. There are even rabbis in the reform and progressive movements who are furious about marriage being denied to same sex couples and say that it is hate and discrimination. To me, it would seem like society would be condoning immoral behavior. Would this be a dangerous path for a government/society to take?

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