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Responsibility to inform vs. proselytizing

Dear Rabbis,

I feel I have to balance two needs: I feel that I should probably take the responsibility to inform individuals I had previously associated with that I no longer worship idolatry, but I also want to make sure that I am not proselytizing. How can I do this?

I can give some examples:

#1: I used to attend a church, back when I was an idolater. I was not technically a member of the church but was a regular. Now that I am a Noahide, thanks to Rabbi Tovia Singer's two-volume book Let's Get Biblical, should I write to the leadership and inform them that the religion which has been known as ch'ristianity has been idolatry and that I now believe the same way Orthodox Jews believe? Or would that constitute proselytizing? (which I feel has been very important to avoid)

#2: What about people (i.e. friends and family) I had previously told that I believed in ch'ristianity? Is it best that I should now inform them that I am a Noahide, say, with minimal explanation? For instance, I could tell them, “I did a small amount of the right kind of studying and recognized that the Orthodox Jews have had it right all along. In Judaism two possible paths exist: a person could either convert or remain a righteous gentile by scrupulously following the 7 Noahide Laws (Abraham was a Noahide). Let me know if you ever have any questions and I'll do my best and direct you to the proper sources.” Would that be ideal? Or would it be proselytizing?

Thanks for your help,


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