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Questions about "The Divine Code"
I have received my copy of the Second Edition of "The Divine Code" and am studying it. I have been using a highlighter to mark those passages in the general text that are further elaborated on in the lower part of the page with the pertinent text in BOLD. I am using the highlighter because, whereas passages where citation is needed are marked with footnotes by very small type numerals, the passages I speak of in the main body are not marked in any way to show there is any amplification of the passage below.
Now, I do NOT see this as an oversight, nor would I want it changed, because for me, going through the book page by page first to see if there are any such pages that (I think) need highlighting helps give me a quick scan of the material before I actually knuckle down and study it intently.
This is what I did with the first edition, and what I plan to do with Volume 2 when it is released.

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