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"30 Laws" for the Children of Noah
In accordance with what Rabbi Yitz has said, everything in the English volume of "The Divine Code" has been scrutinized carefully. For me, the only thing that has remained in doubt is the interpretation of the "30 laws" that is mentioned in the Talmud, which was only published in Rabbi Weiner's Hebrew text of "Sheva Mitzvot HaShem," Volume 1. According to all published opinions, there remains much research into what these 30 laws exactly were. However, whatever the 30 laws were, I have come to believe that the answer has been handed down by Oral Torah, and theretical exegesis does not give the accurate answer. What is obvious is that honoring parents is one of the thirty. Next, it seems most probable that giving charity is also one of the thirty. Beyond this, there is much research to be done.

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