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Authority's Rights
In "The Divine Code," vol. 1, it is explained that a community has the right to place restrictions on its members. It logically follows that if a government has that right (by a consent of the majority as in the USA, or not), then the members of that community have an obligation to keep those restrictions. To keep the laws of G-d is a man's entire duty. The obligation to obey the government, therefore somehow must be some kind of duty to G-d Himself. But "The Divine Code" explains that these laws which the government imposes (other than the Seven Noahide Laws) are not to be considered as laws that G-d commanded. Is this an apparent paradox?

Some people say that G-d put the various governments in power and that to obey them is as if you obeyed G-d Himself. (I am assuming that any such government is neither commanding its citizens to break any of G-d's laws, nor is it preventing one from performing a good deed.)

If we are not to obey a government as if that obedience is being done for G-d (Who sees all things), then it is easy to say that if one does an act which the government doesn't know about, then no crime or sin actually happened, if one's action didn't violate any of the Seven Laws.

As it is a very basic prinicple in a free state that one is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty, will G-d hold us accountable for committing crimes against the government's law (crimes which are not transgressions of the Seven Laws) if the government never knew of it and so the person was never prosecuted in the government's court system?

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