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Bible verses that some have distorted
Marc (web site visitor) Wrote:What are the implications of the document of JASHER for the Jewish religion? Where can we find a published translation of this document?
It's hard to understand what is all the excitement these days about the "Book of Jasher," which is the Sefer HaYasher (Book of the Upright). It is a Hebrew classic that may have been written down before the destruction of the Second Holy Temple, but which was more probably compiled from known Jewish Biblical stories sometime between the 9th and 12th centuries C.E. in Spain or southern Italy. It was first published on the printing press in Naples in 1553 C.E., and was printed many times thereafter throughout Eastern Europe. Almost all the stories in Sefer HaYasher are known in nearly the same form from the Midrash, so it has no "new" implications of any kind for the Jewish religion. These stories have always been part of the Jewish religion. Maybe the reason that it gets so much press is because when it was introduced to Gentiles, most were not aware of the tradition of Jewish Midrashic stories about the persons and events that are dealt with so very briefly, or not at all, in the Torah. There are several modern printings of this book by Orthodox Jewish publishing companies, and they are greatly enjoyed by Jewish families. Here is one:

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